Dare to Take On, Take it and Take Over

SMEs must be like seafarers, who have the COURAGE, CONFIDENCE & COMPETENCY to sail the world and establish their footprints. You must stride forward and ride the waves of opportunities and challenges that will come your way. While courage and confidence give you the strength and resilience to take the bulls by the horns, competency is the driver that will allow you to outwit and outsmart your competitors and issues of the day. How competent are you in developing innovative strategies and implementing it to ensure that you stay afloat, maintain your leadership position or even expand your market share in the face of adversities. That is the determining factor that will enable your survival.

Dare to Take On, Take it and Take Over is the theme of The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2015 and most appropriate in view of the prevailing tough business environment that confronts us. I urge all of you SMEs to build on your competency and have the courage and confidence to march on and continue to build your brand. Remember branding is a 24/7 task and knows no rest. If you think that you can take a back seat and wait for the storm to clear, you will be swept away by the waves of the competition.



The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2015 trophy honours and acknowledges the best of SMEs in their respective industries. In achieving this coveted position, they have demonstrated excellent branding skills that put them ahead of the competition. Hence, the trophy is a reflection of their success, a success that is most deserving and speaks of the passion and commitment put in building their brands to be No. 1 and be the best in their respective industries.

Based on the concept of a sail, the trophy crafted in pewter with 24k gold plating signifies the forward movement of the brand, as it sails around the four corners of the globe, establishing its footprints and legacy.

Navigated by the brand champion, who is the captain of the ship, the brand sails through calm waters and rough seas, taking on characteristics of its own as seen in the six lines that are finely crafted on the body of the trophy. These six lines signify the DNA of the brand – Leadership, Drive, Innovation, Adaptability, Endurance and Commitment; important characteristics that build the brand.

Every winning brand must have:

LEADERSHIP – to COMMAND its presence in the market
INNOVATION – to stay RELEVANTamidst changing trends
ADAPTABILITY – to NAVIGATEunforeseen issues that arises

ENDURANCE – to be RESILIENT to overcome challenges
COMMITMENT– to stay FOCUSEDto the brand mission at all times

As the brand circumnavigate the globe, it continues to build on its leadership position until it reaches the pinnacle of success. This is exemplified by The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards emblem which is positioned at the top of the trophy. The emblem is a mark of distinction reserved only for the finest SMEs who have built their brands to be the best and contributed significantly to the nation’s development through their brands.

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