Take Ownership of Your Brand for Your Brand Sustainability and Continuity

Brands are keydrivers of growth and every successful business is driven by its brands. Taking ownership of one’s brand shows your leadership and commitment to the brand and the business. To build sustainable brands, you must have the leadership and commitment, for successful brands were not built overnight. It went through many hours, days and years of tough times and hardship to arrive at where they are now. With each difficult phase, these brands built on theirperseverance, ingenuity, innovation and competitive spirit which add to the core and foundation of their sustainability and continuity.

When you take ownership of your brand, the brand becomes more than a brand. You become a brand yourself. You become accountable and responsible to one another. You become greater for each other and these two entities ultimately become one formidable super-force that is unstoppable as it reaches the pinnacle of success.



Every brand wants to be successful but success can only come about if you take OWNERSHIP of your brand. To think that your brand will develop by itself once you have done the basic groundwork is wishful thinking. Your brand must be built and capitalised on to maximize its potential and this requires you, as the brand owner or brand custodian to take OWNERSHIP and DRIVE the brand to fulfill its vision.

Hence, the trophy for The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2016 reflects the theme, Take Ownership of Your Brand for Your Brand Sustainability and Continuity. This specially crafted 24K trophy shows the journey of the brand’s growth and development, from the beginning where it has to rise from the broad base, which is heavily competitive to reach the pinnacle of success, where the brand is now the market leader, filled with dynamism and distinction.

The body of the trophy which is faceted with strong lines depicts the competitive and tough environment the brand has undergone to reach success. Each line tells the story of the brand’s ingenuity in outwitting the competition and overcoming the difficult times. In overcoming each challenge, the brand’s foundation gets stronger, contributing to its sustainability and continuity.

All these lines move upwards to the palm of the hand where the fingers then gripped the globe. The globe signifies the brand’s reach in penetrating the world market and that the world is the brand’s oyster too. The gripped fingers indicate that you as the brand custodian has taken OWNERSHIP of the brand and DRIVEN it to success.

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is of paramount importance that you take OWNERSHIP of your brand 

and have a firm GRIP on it too. Only you can determine your brand success and only you can prevent it from falling down the abyss.

The emblem of The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards which is engraved in the middle of the trophy provides the brand with the platform to position and grow further. A SME BrandLaureate is the best in its respective industry as it has strong brand attributes of quality, innovation, integrity and trust. Being a SME BrandLaureate opens new opportunities and market reach as consumers only want to be associated with the best and winners of The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards are the BEST!

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