I find the theme of The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2020, What Does It Take To Be very vision driven and most appropriate for SMEs. In building your brand, you must have a vision as to what you want it TO BE and how to arrive at its destination.

What Does It Take To Be also sums up my journey in building The BrandLaureate Awards and my personal brand to where it is today. When I initiated The BrandLaureate Awards,I asked myself, “What would I want The BrandLaureate Awards TO BE?” and “What would I personally want TO BE?”. My vision was to make The BrandLaureate  Awards TO BE the market leader in the industry. My personal brand’s vision was TO BE a Key Opinion Leader in the branding space and be known as the Mahaguru of Branding.  I have achieved both because of these two words, TO BE. It was the catalyst and driver of my vision.



As a craftsman, the first thing that comes to mind when working on an art piece would be to turn it into the most beautiful masterpiece that catches the eyes and attention of everyone.  And the question asked is what does it take to craft a masterpiece.

Crafting a masterpiece is like building a strong and successful brand. It needs a guided vision on how to proceed and the elements needed to bring it to fruition. It also needs passion and commitment to see it through the many stages of success.

The BrandLaureate SME’s BestBrands Awards 2019-2020 trophy is a master piece, designed and crafted by its team to reflect the leadership positioning of the Award. The design also encapsulates the theme of the Award which is What Does It Take To Be.

Plated in 24K gold, the three strands that spiral out of the base of the trophy to the apex represent the brand’s journey of realizing its vision to be the No.1 brand in the industry with international footprints. The curves and bends of these strands show that success is never a straight forward route but filled with many obstacles and challenges faced by the brand before it arrives at its leadership position.  Through smart and innovative branding, the brand is able to outwit its challengers and hold its forte to become the market leader.

The crystal diamonds embedded at the top of the strands denote that the brand has successfully executed its vision and is much sought after and revered as a distinctive and excellent brand.

Like the trophy, recipients of The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2019-2020 are masterpieces crafted out of passion and devotion to the brand and strive to thrive for brand success.

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