Sock of the day Monday edition: The sky’s the limit…. really? surely? Well, for me, the sky encourages us, living beings to extend our boundaries and horizons. Don’t put a limit to our goals and dreams, let it flow, let it expand, like the frozen crystals and particles in the clouds. No matter what shape or size, clouds are essential to life on earth. It protects us from the intense heat from the sun and acts as a blanket to keep us from cold at night. Similarly, to our dreams, our dreams protect us from the dryness of life and sparks creativity that will make a positive change in the world.

Sky and clouds can be used as metaphors in life but they also draw us to the attention on global warming. With the current heat wave and adverse weather conditions, we need to work corporately, find solutions to draw the balance for life on earth. My socks of the day reminds me to Love our mother nature, Love our children & Stand up for them and Love our planet for our future generations.

– Farouq Sahibjahn

GM of The BrandLaureate

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