This is my message for Merdeka.

Independence is about the Nation’s declaration of sovereignty — a future given to all the people. It is time to congratulate, salute, and celebrate.

CONGRATULATIONS on your maturity — Now you can stand on your own feet.

SALUTE you on your leadership — Now you have the ability to rule and your own country. And finally,

CELEBRATE your future — Now you have the dignity, decency, and dreams to move towards your destiny.

Brand Malaysia is about Country Branding. Every country must have their own branding so that people will know what their country stands for.


United we stand, divided we fall. East or West, we all represent one country. We are all Malaysians and we will come together united as one nation.

This is the purpose of celebrating our independence so that we can “Stand Tall in the Eyes of World” with great pride, honor and glory.

Then there will be continuous progress and prosperity because the Promise of Merdeka gives you the meaning of Independence.

In conjunction with Merdeka celebrations, I also want you to celebrate your Brand Success.

And my wish for you on Merdeka Day is this — that the Spirit must be free, the Mind must be sharp, and the Body must be strong.

Join us on 29th September for the BrandLaureate Merdeka e-Branding Awards 2020 — to receive this award for your Brand Independence.

Do it for your Brand! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for your Brand success.

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