SHENZHEN, Monday (Nov 18, 2019) — The BrandLaureate creates history once again by going international with the inaugural Special Edition World Awards in China on Nov 18, 2019.
The gala dinner and awards ceremony was successfully held at Hilton Shenzen Shekou Nanhai hotel. The prestigious event attracted about 500 VIP guests, representing some of the best brands and personalities across various industries in China.
During his speech, World President of The BrandLaureate DrKKJohan said: “This is another milestone for The World Brands Foundation, the World’s only brands and branding foundation.

“China is my biggest dream, and we are so happy to be here in Shenzhen, the innovation city of China. And as the inaugural winners of the BrandLaureate China awards, you will always be in my heart,” — DrKKJohan

Shenzhen is a global powerhouse, the pride of China where their leadership in innovation has changed lives. Once a fishing village, it is now the Silicon valley of the world which houses some of the biggest and most powerful Brands such as Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, DJI, BYD, Ping An and so many more.
“Like a magnet, it has attracted the best talents from around the world due to its intelligence, competitive spirit, with the drive to be seen, to be heard and to be known, strengthening the image and identity of Brand China as one that is much admired and respected in the world.”
Brands that drive economies rule the world. Do you soar in the spirit of innovation to attain greater breakthroughs? Do you make new discoveries to create a better future? What ideas and insights do you have to inspire your brand for future success?
Knowing the Art & Science of branding will spur the spirit of innovation and unravel new ideas to bring your brands to greater heights. A great example is how mega brands like Huawei has developed a spectrum of products that revolutionized the world of communications and has spawned a mufti-billion dollar industry.
The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) is the only Brands and Branding foundation in the world, dedicated to the promotion of brand excellence among organizations and businesses. With that vision in mind, The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards aspires to travel  the world to honour great brands which have mastered the Art and Science of branding to celebrate their brand success and excellence.

“Together with our ideas, resources, and leadership, we can inspire more SMEs to grow and become global Brands,” said DrKKJohan.

Congratulations to all the winners of The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards 2019 (China Edition) at Shenzen on 18 Nov, 2019.