The BrandLaureate Brand Influencer BestBrands Awards 2021-2022 to to Gerbang Alaf, local partner for McDonald’s Malaysia.

McDonald’s began its journey in Malaysia back in 1982. Today, the brand has become a household name, and the Golden Arches is one of the most recognizable logos nationwide. McDonald’s has successfully branded itself as a fast-food chain that welcomes people of various ages, races, and status. From branding on the streets of Kuala Lumpur to its heartwarming and sentimental advertisements, McDonald’s has never failed to pursue excellence when it comes to branding itself as an industry influencer.

The BrandLaureate celebrates McDonald’s commitment and perseverance over the years to continuously brand itself as one of the most influential companies in history.

A big congratulations to our Brand Influencer, McDonald’s! We look forward to your future endeavors and successes! #TheBrandLaureate #TBLBestBrands #TBLAwards #BrandInfleuncers #mcdonaldsmy