THE coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy affecting hundreds of thousands of people. As the number of cases continue to rise around the world, there are deep concerns on it’s negative impact on the global economy.

In light of this, The BrandLaureate created a special “I AM Video” to encourage SMEs to strive on despite the challenges.

When will this epidemic Covid-19 be over? When will the economy recover? When will my business be better?

During his opening speech, DrKKJohan, World President of The BrandLaureate said when times are hard people may give up, or run away. But he persuaded them don’t be negative because hard times never last, but tough people do.

“In the past few months, the economy was badly hit by the Covid-19 outbreak which has impacted local businesses negatively. As reported in the news, this has created sharp declines in domestic demand, lower tourism and business travels, disrupt trade supplies and production, and affect the health and well-being of the population.

”This year, the theme of the BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2020 is `What Does It Take To Be a Brand Winner’ and what does it take to survive and persevere in light of these challenging circumstances?

“The answer is cleary demonstrated in this I AM…The Spirit of The BrandLaureate video, created by The BrandLaureate staff to show – I am committed, I am strong, I am tough, I am positive, I am confident, I am resilient, and most of all I am determined to stay strong and fight this challenge until I win.”

This is what is takes to be a brand winner, because `Together We are Stronger, We are Better, and We are Greater. That’s the Spirit of The BrandLaureate!”

Watch the “I AM video” below: