THE BRANDLAUREATE launched its inaugural World Peace Award 2020 on Dec 17, 2019, during the Brand ICON Awards at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The Peace Award was spearheaded by BrandLaureate International Advisor Prof. Dr Uichol Kim from Korea.

In conjunction with the awards and the New Year,
here is a special message on Peace by DRKKJOHAN:

“The End of The Year 2019 marks The Beginning of A New Year 2020.
“So make this year THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE,

“PEACE NOT WAR or War no peace,
“Why war when we can have peace,

“If only we care enough to hear,
“The whole world is crying out for PEACE.

“Let there be PEACE ON EARTH for all humanity,
“PEACE IS PEACE: To me, that is the most simple
yet the most profound definition of peace.

“PEACE can only come about if u really want PEACE,
“There is only one reason to fight for,

“Peace-loving people will do anything for peace,
“The greatest failure in life is the failure to live in peace
with yourself and with one another.

“Make 2020 THE YEAR OF PEACE.”

From all of us,
DrKKJohan and The BrandLaureate Team Worldwide 👍