“Branding in Covid 19 Endemicity. RESET & REBRAND” with Professor Dr. Uichol Kim, Advisor of The World Brands Foundation and The BrandLaureate.

As the global economy opens after 2 years of Covid 19 lockdown, brands are all ready to resume business and make up for lost time and opportunities. During the past 2 years, business strategies have changed to suit the needs of the pandemic. Those that were able to capitalize and adapt to the situation have survived while those that were not agile and robust enough have been swept away by the tide of Covid 19.

What about NOW and the FUTURE? How should we respond to the NEW NORM?

How do you RESET & REBRAND your businesses?

Professor Dr Uichol Kim shared his thoughts on this very important matter as brands need to adopt new mindset and new innovations to respond to the new norm and expectations of consumers in the endemicity stage.