Intended to reflect the very zenith of brand excellence, the trophy crafted for The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards 2020 personifies a BRAND CHAMPION and is specifically fashioned for this premier Award – demonstrating rarity of the highest order. The insightful thought and precision design accorded to this trophy is indicative of the high-level advancement in the science and art of branding.

The BrandLaureate’s statuettes, which harmoniously symbolize distinction, perfection and order, is embossed on each side of the three-sided trophy. The embossment of the three statuettes signify that brands must stand out and be perpetually imprinted upon the minds of consumers; a feat which only robust and successful brands are able to achieve on a sustainable level.

Brands that are embossed upon the minds of consumers prompt strong mind recall as they have fruitfully created positive lasting impressions which bring untold value to the brand. Such exemplar brands are always the preferred choice.

This is undoubtedly the HALLMARK of SUCCESSFUL BRANDS and the DIFFERENTIATING FACTOR between the ORDINARY and the CHOSEN.

The stance of the statuettes, with their hands stretched out heavenward to support the globe atop the trophy, is an expression of the pioneering and gung-ho spirit that all brands must radiate in order to embrace the ongoing quest of conquering new horizons. The distinctive bearing signifies the innovative essence and brilliant ideas that will elevate and thrust the brand to a greater measure of prominence.

These enduring qualities are further enhanced by the alert and ever-watchful eyes statuettes – mindfully observing the changes and challenges which present themselves in the industry and environment. Such a purposeful gaze is a stark reminder that brands must always be on their toes and stand on guard to ward of challenges or seize opportunities that come their way.

The globe located at the pinnacle of the trophy represents the brand’s global reach and the nodes show the interconnected world which we are in today – where new possibilities are continuously created through the spirit of innovation and creativity.

The three statuettes are standing on a firm base which represents the solid foundation of the brand. Every successful brand needs a strong footing in order to propel itself forward and nurture sustainability.

The trophy, made of pewter, is plated in 24k gold. Such an inspired and inspirational masterpiece aptly befits the winners of The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards 2020 – undoubtedly a cherished milestone in the journey of any brand that is worth its salt, driven by vision and fueled by desire, with an undying mission is to INSPIRE, IMPACT and IGNITE
brand excellence!