is a very vision driven and most appropriate for SMEs. In Building your brand, you must have a vision as to what you want it TO BE and how to arrive at its destination.

What Does It Take To Be also sums up our journey in building The Brandlaureate Awards to where it is today. The Brandlaureate Awards started with what It wants TO BE?. Our founder’s vision was to make The Brandlaureate Awards TO BE the market leader in the industry and a key opinion leader in the industry. Both was achieved because of to words. ‘TO BE’.

With determination and devotion to the brand, we overcome many hurdles and challenges to achieve our goals. With focused and disciplined leadership further enhanced the brand’s growth as it went on to record one milestone after another.

What Does It Take To Be embodies a lot passion and positivity and that is what brands need to have if ther want to be strong and successful. Brands cannot be negative and have no sense of direction. Just wanting TO BE is only the vision. What is most important is what does it takes to arrive at the vision.

Vision and mission are good but WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE ?