WITH Covid-19 cases breaking new record highs almost every day, it is time to pause and reflect on some of the most affected countries in the world to remind us that the danger is real.

Let these numbers be a stern warning and reflection to the rest of us, that the worst is yet to come. And this worst-case scenario may erupt in any part of the world, if the government and community still adopts a lackadaisical attitude — causing the spread of the disease to spiral out of control.

It is time to stand together as one to control the spread of the pandemic through the vaccination program, lifestyle changes, strict SOP and social distancing, personal hygiene and staying at home.

As of Friday, May 21, 2021, the total number of Covid-19 cases in the world stood at 165,253,588, while the death toll has increased to over 3.42 million according to Johns Hopkins University.

Here are the Top 10 most affected countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases to put things into perspective.

1. The United States leads the world with the highest number of cases and deaths at 33,055,801 and 588,531 respectively.

2. India is now the second most corona-affected country as it surpassed Brazil, Russia, Italy and the UK, with its total corona cases standing at 25,772,440, with 287,122 deaths.

3. Brazil with more than 15,894,094 cases is the second-worst affected country with 444,094 deaths.

4. France’s coronavirus tally crossed the 5.9 million mark on Thursday with the death toll rising to 108,343, according to John Hopkins University.

5. Turkey reported 5.1 million COVID-19 cases as of May21. The country’s death toll due to coronavirus stands at 46,787.

6. Russia reported more than 4,917,906 cases of coronavirus infections so far with 115,393 deaths. The country has the fifth-highest number of infections behind the United States, Brazil, India and France, but the number of new cases has seen a stellar rise every day in the past month.

7. United Kingdom has 4,471,061 coronavirus cases todate and has seen a sudden spike in the number of active cases with over 127,963 deaths.

8. Italy’s total active infections stood at 4.1 million cases. Meanwhile, the death toll rose to 124,810. The country has seen a rapid surge in the numbers of coronavirus cases recently, with daily recorded deaths reaching new highs.

9. Spain is now ninth in the line of worst-affected countries with 3,631,661confirmed cases.

10. Germany is the 10th worst-affected country, with at least3,638,504 confirmed cases and 83,711 according to the John Hopkins tally.

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