UNDER the movement control order, travel is now limited to 10Km to buy necessities. The 10Km radius applies to people moving from one place to another only to buy food, daily necessities, medicine or dietary supplements.

Others include to supply or deliver food, daily necessities, medicine or dietary supplements, seek healthcare or medical services, perform any official duty or any duty in relation to essential services.

6 Conversations Entrepreneurs Must Have ASAP

LET’S TALK. Times have changed and we must adjust our communications accordingly.

Talk to business owners, family members, friends, professional counselors in your quest to understand, process and seek inspiration to help you navigate your fears and uncertainty.

Talk to your customers about re-positioning and creating new versions of your products or services to meet their needs. This kind of pivoting is essential to help you remain commercially relevant, and maintain your reputation in the marketplace.

Talk to your team members to devise any legal way to generate immediate revenue.

Maintain a “What if?” or “Why not?” mindset that will allow you to be receptive to possibilities that you might not have ever considered. Don’t suffer in silence.