Guests at the recent BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards 2018-2019 had the pleasure of listening to the acapella rendition of “That’s U,” for the first time by the award-winning, multi-racial group Colour Of Voices (C.O.V) from Malaysia.

Singing in perfect pitch, they bowled the crowd over with their rich and harmonious vocals. Singer-songwriter and composer Dato’ Wah Idris who composed the song two-and-half years ago, was impressed by acapella version of the song.

During an interview after the show, he said: “I think this is another amazing feat done by The BrandLaureate because I’ve never thought that this song can be done by these beautiful five singers,

“I have to give a big clap to them because they have done a fantastic job, and I think their acapella version works very well.”

The song “That’s U” was composed and performed by Dato’ Wah Idris, a renowned Malaysian composer, singer and songwriter, famous for his signature tune Malaysia Truly Asia.

The catchy song was first launched in public at the BrandLaureate ICON Leadership Awards at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on August 28, 2017.

It has since been played at all Brandlaureate Awards and events, both local and overseas as our very own signature tune, to celebrate the World of Brands and Branding.

Established in 2014, C.O.V aims to bring color and spread the message of unity to people through their harmonious voices.
Since then, the group has performed in hundreds of live shows including diverse festivals and corporate events.

They became an internet viral sensation after their song the “2016 Chinese New Year A Cappella Medley” was released on the internet and became one of their biggest hits.

Their other noteworthy achievements include:
• Winning the ERA Digital Muzik Award 2016 for “Penyanyi Harapan Baru.”
• Collaborated with leading brands like Petronas, Legoland, Nescafé, on commercial projects.
• International recognition with live performances in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, HongKong.
• Performed in an award-winning movie A Journey Of Happiness (2019)