In the modern age of technology and the Internet, writing instruments such as pencils and pen are taking a back seat to typing on computers and texting on mobile phones. But the truth of the matter is that it is a joy to write your well wishes and thoughts with a well-crafted pen and on a nice piece of paper.

The makers of quality pencils and pens, Faber Castell has a legacy that stretches back to more than 259 years when it was first founded by Kaspar Faber In 1761.

It started with the production of graphite pencils and moved on to lead pencils.

When Baron Lothar Von Faber-Castell, the fourth generation of the family took over the helm of the company in 1839, he made it his mission that Faber Castell will conquer the whole world with its products.

The modernization of the factory began and Lothar looked into the internationalization of the brand.

From pencils, it moved into colour pencils and creative and artiste solutions. In the pen section, it started with the basic ballpoint pens to fountain pens and evolved to fine writing classical pens which are used by many corporate and business professionals. The brand has since moved to decorative cosmetic products.

Much as the use of writing instruments diminish with modern technology, did you know that Faber Castell produces over 2.3 billion wood pencils a year? It manages its own source of softwood supply from its nurseries and forests in Brazil which grows Pinus Caribaea, the Caribbean pine.

Faber Castell adopts green and best environmental practices to ensure the sustainability of the earth where it draws much of its resources from.

In 1978, Faber Castell was headed by Count Anton Wolfgang Von Faber-Castell, the eighth generation of the family, where he continued to lead the global expansion of the brand.

In 1980, Faber Castell established the world’s largest eraser factory in Malaysia. Count Anton visited Malaysia in 2012 and was presented with The BrandLaureate International Brand Personality Award

With his demise in 2017, the business passed on to the ninth generation and it is now currently managed by a Board of Directors, with Count Charles and Countess Katharina, Sarah and Victoria von Faber Castell representing the family.

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