ENJOY the break and get your work done.

Working at home requires discipline and good time management.
The line between work and personal life can get more fluid when working from home:

You may get distracted by the television, the refrigerator, the bed… so it requires discipline to focus on the work at hand.

Here are a few working from home tips to help maximize your productivity since most Malaysians will be staying indoors for the next two weeks due to Movement Control Order.

TODAY is International Day of Happiness 2020

But it has not been easy to stay happy in this anxiety provoking time, so it is important to find something to be happy about.

The recent pandemic of Covid-19 is particularly distressing as it has impacted our lives and disrupted our routine, so it is important to check in with ourselves and each other about how we are coping during this time of crisis.

1.Take care of your mental health.
2. Do relaxation exercises.
3. Focus on other things that are more enjoyable,
4. Eat nutritious food, and,
5. Make sure you get enough rest.

Do all these to add to your Happiness Factor.

Take care and stay well!