The CUCKOO brand was launched in 1988 – originally established a decade earlier by Mr. Koo Jia Shin in South Korea as Cuckoo Electronics Co. Ltd.

CUCKOO International reached Malaysian shores in October 2014.

CUCKOO has expanded into nations like Singapore, Brunei & Indonesia from its Southeast Asian regional hub, Malaysia.

Its visionary Founder & CEO, Mr Hoe Kian Choon, led the way.

MISSION: To push the very boundaries of capability & become the No. 1 Healthy Home Creator in Asia.

Diversified product portfolios & pillars, WonderLab & WonderKlean, being holistic ‘Healthy Home’ offerings, secured CUCKOO as a Healthy Home Creator.

CUCKOO’s tri-pronged version:

Exceeding Standards

Bringing happiness & wellness to patrons

Growing organically & being a socially responsible organization

CUCKOO is supported by +2000 service professionals & +100,000 sales personnel.

Their steadfast philosophy is ‘Beyond Standards’

CUCKOO International Malaysia was awarded The BrandLaureate World Halal BestBrands as ‘Most Valuable Brand Award 2021– Consumer (Water Purifier)

Represented by Mr Toh Seng Lee, Chief Customer Officer.

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