In every of our SMEs best brands awards, we have a specific theme that highlights the importance of brands and branding. This year’s theme is To Be Seen. As a brand owner, what does this theme mean to you?

Let us reflect back on the day when you first started your business. You must have had this mission to promote your brand to the whole world, to make it known to everyone and become the preferred choice amongst consumers with the ultimate desire of it becoming an award winning brand. For this to take place, the first task is to build the brand awareness and its visibility. In short, to have a brand presence that is felt by consumers and one that impacts communities.

Brand presence is of paramount importance to a brand. How can your business and brand grow if consumers do not know about you? If they don’t see you, they don’t know you. If they only see other brands, then they will purchase these brands and not yours. Worse still your brand will not occupy a place in their mind. And that is the most dangerous position for any brand, when you are not on the radar of consumers’ mind and is not known in the market place at all.



In branding, TO BE SEEN is the most important pre-requisite for a brand. Without it, the brand has no presence and existence. The trophy for The BrandLaureate SMEs Best Brands Awards 2018 – 2019 clearly reflects the theme of the Award TO BE SEEN.

An exquisite and elegant work of art that grabs the attention of everyone, the trophy is specially crafted in 24K gold plating and rhodium (white gold). The gold and rhodium provide the contrast in colors and enhances the attractiveness of the trophy. Winning brands must be attractive to be able to woo consumers with their strong presence and quality attributes.

The crystal quartz at the top of the trophy reflects the brand journey to reach the pinnacle of success. Glowing bright, the brand stands out with its strong presence and is highly visible from afar, outshining the rest of the competition and affirming its positioning as the market leader.

The BrandLaureate’s emblem engraved on the trophy is a testament of the brand’s success and provides it with the platform to further expand its horizon and footprints. SMEs BrandLaureates are champions in their respective industries and a source of inspiration to many and the pride of the nation.

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