Perfect is the very definition of what is ideal, the antonym of chaos. It denotes excellence, the best, beyond reproach and of flawless disposition. Being perfect is about clockwork precision, where everything falls into place without a hitch. It is about timeless beauty, exuding an aura of grace and self confidence. Everyone aspires to be perfect because we do not tolerate shoddiness. We aspire for perfection to provide the best experience for those around us, to our own employees and to our customers.

Perfection is a principle we all aim to live by in everything that we do, We must strive for perfection to enhance the quality of our work, the quality of our products and services. Perfection means there is no room for error, we do not compromise on substandard work as perfection builds sustainability.

Symbol of Perfection


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Symbol of Perfection

The BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards 2011-2012 trophy signifies the theme Brand Perfect. The statuette is designed to symbolise a perfect balance pose. When it comes to defining what is perfect, balance is necessary because an excess of anything will destroy the essence of perfection. In Brand Perfect, brands need to have a harmony of attributes to have the perfect balance and a good balance of branding to achieve Brand Perfect status.

The statuette hands are held up high, pointed upward together to form a diamond shape. The diamond is the most precious and it is flawless, having the highest clarity and strength of all gemstones. This diamond shape also represents the exclusiveness of the Award that is coveted by many. The golden ribbon that swirls around the statuette adds elegance to this perfect silhouette.

Plated in 24K gold, this trophy is a mark of perfection for deserving brands. A perfect brand glitters like diamond, unblemished, faultless and shines like gold. The BrandLaureate emblem at the base represents victory, excellence and honour. All in all, The BrandLaureate Awards 2011-2012 trophy is a prestigious icon of perfection.



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