Defining ‘Greatness’

How does one define ‘Greatness’? Even something as rudimentary as the meaning of ‘Great’ differs from one individual to the next; just as it varies from one brand to another. What essentially remains obvious is greatness for a brand cannot occur by it just being simple, mediocre or normal. Greatness here is one that is ultra-focused and explodes resoundingly beyond all quantifiable limits. The very notion of greatness is one that transcends the common median, eluding the humdrum of plainness, realigning the very fabric of monotonous thought patterns whilst bursting forth to create history! Greatness is destined to be visible!

“good is not good enough,
we have to be great!”
“at the brandlaureate, we make weak brands strong, strong brands great and great brands – the best!”


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Posture of Greatness
Exuding the ‘look of greatness’ is reflective of the poise of achievement. When the sense of attainment flows into the body, like a geyser, it overcomes the entire being – gushing forth, sending out vibrant signals and rhythms that reform and realign the bearing to tune in to the song of greatness. This is clearly visible here in the statuette. Upward-tilted head, pumped out chest, clenched fists, widened and spreadout arms, the ‘achieving spirit’ of this award will indeed ‘possess’ the recipient wholesomely, reaffirming the sense of greatness within, bursting with vigour outwardly. The sculpture exudes a posture that stands raised – something only possible when one is atop, at the very pinnacle of achievement. The overall poise of the statuette can best be described to signify integrity, stability, possibility and quality.

Action of a Winner
The figure appears to be walking tall, yet it is still looking forward. As its very walk is defined, the action is one of climbing up steps, signifying leading the way upwards – always escalating, forever paving the way and staying a step ahead of the competition – at the very zenith of accomplishment. The heartbeat of success orbits the figurine – ever alive and ever evolving. The action, represented by the poise of motion, signifies activity – the activity of moving to greater heights, looking forward to more, prospecting newer plains, and beyond… This shows there is always more to conquer – more territories, more market shares, more hearts, greater loyalty and much, much more!

Elemental Elegance
Plated in 24K solid gold, the trophy is indeed refined, strong and prestigious. The square shaped base represents both stability and being known to the four corners of the world in a clear, present and visible manner. The prism bears the mark of uniqueness – abounding in creativity, overflowing with substance, exploding with excellence. Truly, the trophy speaks about the ‘best of greatness’ in more ways than one!

Creatively crafted, this highly sought after, limited edition trophy brings out brand greatness in such a holistic way that it commands only the most deserving of recipients!



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