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For brands to be successful they must have a positive mindset. In every brand’s journey, it encounters numerous challenges as it traverses twists and turns to build their leadership position.

Today, the online world is developing at breakneck speed, and this growth defines the present and future of all brands. The power of traditional branding platforms have now shiftedto online platforms and this will only continue in the near and far future. There has never been a more pivotal time for brands to embark, embrace and develop e-branding for their brands, to not just survive but thrive.

Specially designed for The BrandLaureate e-branding awards, the trophywas designed and crafted by the team to reflect the importance of e-branding in the era of digital economy.  The Trophy embraces the theme of the first e-branding awards in the world, TO BE SEEN, TO BE HEARD, TO BE KNOWN, TO BE REMEMBERED.

A timeless beacon of enduring elegance, the trophy is 24k gold plated with pewter, the strongest and most resilient metal as its base.Representing glory and greatness, the base signifiesthe foundation of a brand and the cornerstone of a brand’s stability, essential requirements for brand success.

The 4 stylized pillars spiraling from the base represents totality, stability, balance and completeness with its Brand Reach extending to the 4 corners of the world. Bright and brilliant, the pillars, each with distinctive bendsreflect the difficult journey that a brand undertakesbefore it carvesits leadership position.They symbolize the ups and downs, twists and turns as they journey towards being at the top – and continueto stay on top. They are also a reminder of the four vital elements of branding – vision, passion, values and strategy.

The plus icon on the base of the trophy signifies addition and positivity, a symbol of the advantage brands have when they utilize the power of digital branding to further drive their brands forward. The X icon denotes the multiplier of success and opportunities for the brand. The BrandLaureate’s emblem at the top of the trophy representsthe No.1 winning brand, always on top and ahead of its competition.

A shining example of brand recognition and brand accomplishment, it reflects the ultimate success and achievement of the brand.

The stylish and modern trophy embodies the qualities of business and branding in today’s world, where opportunities abound for brands – as long as they are SEEN, HEARD, KNOWN and REMEMBERED.  The trophy, as a whole, is a masterpiece that encompasses all important componentsa brand needs,to be at the pinnacle of success. 

Winning the prestigious The BrandLaureate Award trophy establishes the brand’s superiority and creates a lasting legacy that will be remembered in the present, the future, and for generations to come.

An Epitome of Success, the Trophy is –

A Hallmark of Distinction and Excellence

An Inspiration of Creativity and Innovation

An Aspiration of Dreams and Desires

A Representation of Triumph and the Spirit of Championship A must have for all successful brands!



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