The World’s Only Brands & Branding Foundation

Founded in 2005, The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) formerly known as Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF) is the world’s only branding foundation dedicated to developing brands in a myriad of business backdrops. TWBF with a Board of Governors who are experienced captains of industries and established brand icons.

The brand is the business and the business is the brand sums up the importance of brands and branding in today’s business landscape. Brands are the catalysts that transcend achieving objectives, making profits or establishing one’s status so that it appeals to consumers. In reality, consumers’ buying preferences are determined by the way brands attract and engage them. It is therefore crucial that organizations realize the importance of brands and branding.

The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) takes an active role in identifying and nurturing outstanding brands on an international platform. The Foundation continuously champions its mission to educate and communicate the “value of branding” with the concept that brand culture, combines with good practices will give brands the edge in this competitive environment.

Starting off on a modest note with the publication of branding articles in local media, TWBF  has grown to become the authority in brands and branding and established its global footprints. The BrandLaureate Awards conceptualized in 2006 has become the most prestigious and coveted branding awards in the world. TWBF has moved on to include the SMEs Best Brands Awards, the Brand ICON Brand Leadership Awards, the Halal Best Brands Awards, the CEO Best Brands Awards and the CSR Best Brands Awards.

In 2017, it launched The BrandLaureate World Special Edition Awards in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam followed by Singapore and Hanoi in 2018. TWBF continues its global journey as it brings this prestigious Award to the world, providing brands with a platform to stamp their mark internationally.

Never one to rest on its laurels, TWBF has embarked on new initiatives such as the publication of its brand magazine, quote books and e-learning courses. With a brand gallery that houses over 400 international BrandLaureate personalities at its headquarters in Malaysia, The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) is a branding powerhouse that never sleeps as it continues to motivate, encourage and inspire brands to achieve brand excellence and become global brands of distinction.


To promote brands and branding globally and that brands are economic growth drivers

In promoting the importance of brands & branding, TWBF’s mission is

  • Create brand awareness for Brand Sustainability
  • Inspire brand achievement for Brand Success
  • Actualize brand activation for Brand Significance

The CIA of Brands & Branding

As the definition of “laureate” is one that is worthy of the greatest honor or distinction, being awardedThe BrandLaureate Award is a defining moment as it is a testimony of the brand’s success, acknowledgement of the brand’s value, strength, character and the endorsement of being the best.

Everything in business is about brands. Brands are key drivers of growth, hence their importance cannot be overlooked. Without strong brands, businesses will not be successful .
The economics of brands or brandnomics is so great that brands rule the world with their wealth and value. The most powerful nations have strong global brands that dominate the world with its branding, creating brandprints and imprinting their influence on consumers’ minds.
Make a mark for your brand with strategic intelligent branding that will bring your brand to its greatest heights.

The world’s economy has revolved since early times. We started with an agriculture based economy, then moved on to industrialisation, knowledge and now brand economy. Brand economy or B- Economy is what drives the success of many countries in this era. Brands are powerhouses of wealth and countries that possess strong brands have rich economies as these brands contribute significantly to their GDP. Strong brands make strong nations. However, it is important to note that these brands did not become successful overnight. They invested in their brands and are reaping the fruits of success now.


Tan Sri Rainer Althoff

Professor Dr. Uichol Kim

Dr KK Johan
World President

Chew Bee Peng
President & CEO

YM Raja Datuk Ropiaah binti Raja Abdullah

Tan Sri  Prof Emeritus Lord Lim Kok Wing

Rear Admiral Tan Sri K. Thanabalasingam

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow

Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Augustine Ong Soon Hock

Dato’ Anne Eu

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. M. Mahadevan

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Darshan Singh Gill

Datuk Jimmy Choo

Dr Paul Temporal


Andrew Kim
The BrandLaureate’s President of Australia

Johnny Tai Teck Hing
The BrandLaureate’s President of China

Bhatt Ganesh Parmanand
The BrandLaureate’s President of India

Tomoko Takahashi
The BrandLaureate’s President of Japan

Lesley Teres Retnam
The BrandLaureate’s President of Philippines

Kevin Vuong
The BrandLaureate’s President of Singapore

Doryan(Do-Hyun) Ahn
The BrandLaureate’s President of South Korea

Professor Dr Kriengsak Chareonwongsak
The BrandLaureate’s President of Thailand

Paul Chan
The BrandLaureate’s President of Vietnam

Chew Bee Peng
The BrandLaureate’s President of Malaysia