Hayda Scarf — Beautiful, Fuss Free Scarves

Founded by Ms Nurul Aida Rosli in 2010, her interest in scarves began as a student in college.

Enterprising and ambitious even then, she sold many items including scarves in her university days.

After finishing her studies, Ms Nurul decided to embark on her own business.

She started off sewing scarves and used various online platforms to market her creations.

Initially called Hayda Collection, she first rented a small shop then later opened a small boutique.

Hayda Scarf’s headquarters is located in Kota Bharu, Kelatan and is sold across the country by dropships and agents.

Among their products available include Bawal Chiffon Printed, Bawal Luna, Shawl 15saat, Shawl Turban, Shawl Satin Roschelle and more.

The brand gives opportunities to working women, wives and students to earn extra income.

Hayda Scarf was awarded The BrandLaureate Emerging SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Award in the category of Fashion-Scarf;

Represented by Ms Nurul Aida, Founder and Mr Khairul Muiz Yahya, Co-founder, Hayda International Sdn Bhd.

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