Nami Island – Eco-tourism

NAMI Island located in South Korea is the first Korean tourism destination to receive The BrandLaureate Awards in the category of ‘Sustainable Eco-tourism, Culture and Tour Destination 2021.’

Nami Island @Island of Life, is recognized as a global eco-tourist destination.

Located in Gapyeong county, it is a must-go location when visiting South Korea.

It is less than two hours from Seoul via the ITX train.

Nami Island is a famous film location for many popular Korean dramas including ‘My Love from the Star, Secret Garden, and Running Man.’

The 2002 mega-hit drama ‘Winter Sonata’ was shot there-composed by the award winning composer, Youn SeYoung (aka Daydream).

The island is full of gorgeous attractions like the ‘Garden of Morning Calm.’

During autumn, visitors can enjoy spectacular fall-multicolor-foliage across the island.

The riverside offers a breath-taking view with clear skies, cool and dry weather.

In spring, you can view the eye-catching cherry blossom trees burst into an enchanting pinkish bloom.

Recently, Nami Island was rebranded “The Island of Life” to promote eco-tourism while coping with changes in the tourism industry.

A variety of art and cultural activities encourages people to go back to nature and rediscover the beauty of the natural surroundings.

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