Millennium E & C (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MEC) was founded by the charismatic Dato’ M Ram Nair in 1999.

Centered in the business of environmental restitution, MEC offers state-of-the-art solutions orbiting the energy & utilities sector.

MEC provides end-to-end solutions from designing, developing, engineering, managing,delivering and installing solutions. A team of brilliant engineers provides excellent after sales service.

MEC developed and effected avant-garde solutions like water treatment systems & components, water sourcing technology & solar power systems.

MEC fashioned a worldwide-renowned solution for solid-waste management branded as ClearWaste™ a superior ‘Patented Green Thermal Decomposition Machine.’

ClearWaste™ provides an environmentally green solution to climate change. A simplified dashboard helps with efficient operations.

It is capable of converting various forms of waste streams into practical and recyclable derivatives. Where others see trash, Dato’ M Ram Nair envisions golden nuggets of opportunities.

Congratulations! In the recent e Branding 2020 awards, MEC bagged two prestigious awards:

World SMEs BestBrands in Environmental Solutions and BrandLeadership Award exclusively for the affable Dato’ M Ram Nair.