Congratulations to Sabella Holdings Sdn Bhd (Sabella) — Malaysia’s No.1 ironless clothing brand, for receiving The BrandLaureate BestBrands e-Branding Awards 2020 in the category — Ironless Women’s Modest Wear.

Starting from humble beginnings, the SABELLA brand was founded by Siti Fatimah Abdul Samat, or fondly known as Siti Sabella, a full-time housewife turned entrepreneur based from an apartment at Ukay Perdana.

She’s hard-working, loveable, and talented, with exceptional effort in fashion, and her dream is to help other housewives generate income from home with the SABELLA brand.

Having been through many ups and downs, SABELLA has finally positioned itself as a trusted brand that sets the trend in the marketplace with fresh innovative ideas.

Among its signature products are ironless kurung products like Lorez Kurung, which flows naturally and beautifully. Other popular designs include Zalia Kurung and Queeny Kurung which have set a new benchmark in their product category

— defining SABELLA as a winning brand, which is sought after by a loyal and huge fan base known as the Sabella Family.

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