Ella Baché is all about empowering women.

The Brand accords women an avenue to develop their beauty potential & make their skin naturally prettier, without excess.

Each skin is unique, and in perpetual renewal, hence requiring ever-evolving nutritional needs.

Ella Baché budded in Paris in 1936 as a beauty-revolution nurtured by a pioneer female pharmacist & skincare icon.

That year, Ella Baché created the Tomato Cream by observing a traditional local practice.

It was rich in amino acids & Vitamin C for skin radiance.

The Brand is celebrated for discovering answers for repairing textures adapted to extreme climates & skin conditions.

Fittingly, it developed the Nutridermologie® Beauty Solution (Internal & External):

i. Connected Diagnosis –Skintex®Diag Face & Body

ii. Ultra-Personalized Skin Treatments – In Institute & Spa

iii. Beauty Routine – At Home

iv. Int-Ex Professional – Coaching

The eight-decades-in Ella Baché laboratory pioneers the research of actives derived from premium food in the identification of nutritional needs of the skin.

Ella Baché was awarded The BrandLaureate Prominent Business BestBrands Award 2021. Ella Baché – Malaysia

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