5 Branding Trends That Will Emerge in 2022

THE pandemic has led to a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour, causing businesses to make continuous innovation a key strategy to adapt to the new normal — in which working from home, online shopping, social and environmental consciousness, etc. have taken the center stage. Here are some of the emerging trends.

1. Holding Brands to Higher Standards

Consumers are now actively looking at the ‘social consciousness’ of brands and the values they stand behind. In a research conducted by McKinsey, 61% of the participants claimed that how a brand responds during a crisis will ascertain if they will continue buying it when the crisis is over.

2. The Growth of e-commerce Brands

With physical stores closing and consumers trying to avoid crowded stores, e-commerce saw significant growth. Now, leading e-commerce giants anticipate a permanent shift in consumer behavior, moving towards online or omni-channel shopping platforms.

3. Partnerships and Collaborations

Forward-looking businesses and brands are venturing into brand licensing not just to overcome the economic downturn, but to launch new product categories and amplify the brand loyalty and trust amongst consumers.

4. Focus on Content

During the pandemic, the biggest challenge for brands has been to cope with creative concepts and communication strategies on how to put out new communication that reach their target consumers.

5. Innovation is Key

Many brands are now leveraging technology and incorporating online business models to survive, which they didn’t have to think about earlier. For example, museums and art galleries are now booking 360 virtual reality tours of their displays and shows.

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