Founded in 2016, One Doc, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Ong and Dr. Terrence Teoh has evolved into a multi-award-winning beauty brand with 34 nationwide outlets and the largest number of PicoPulse devices in Malaysia. Their vision is to be the top choice in derma care, evident in their name ‘One Doc’ (One for ‘number one’ and Doc for ‘Dermacare of Choice’). With cutting-edge R&D, they co-created the PicoPulse technology, offering effective, cost-efficient, and virtually pain-free treatments for various skin and hair concerns, emphasizing safety as a top priority.

Congratulations, Dr. Michael Ong and Dr. Terrence Teoh, on your well-deserved win at The BrandLaureate Entrepreneur Awards 2023 – Co-Founders Entrepreneurial Leadership of the Year in the category of Innovative Skin Care Solutions! Your commitment to personalized beauty solutions and pioneering technology sets a remarkable standard in the industry.

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