Brands that are HALAL have a strong brand positioning in the market as they gain the trust and confidence of consumers. Being HALAL also allows brands to target new markets and expand their market share, sales and revenue.

Signifying HALAL as progressive and the way forward for organisations to further grow their market share and expand their footprints. It also represents the brand journey, beginning from the base where competition is intense and moving upward to the pinnacle where it becomes the brand leader with its innovative branding .

The Arabic script of HALAL is beautifully engraved further accentuating the clean linear design of the trophy and a reminder of HALAL’s definition as clean and permissible. The light motif imprints on the face of the trophy reflect the processes involved for brands to attain HALAL status and its involvement from all levels of the organization; from the rank and file to the top management.

Winning The BrandLaureate World Halal BestBrands Awards 2019 is a testament of the brand’s success and this is further reinforced with The BrandLaureate’s emblem, the symbol of brand success engraved at the base of the trophy. Halal brands that have mastered the art and science of branding are brand leaders in their respective industries and most deserving of this prestigious Award.