For many, Chinese New Year 2021 will be very different from any other that has come before. But will brands be taking a different turn too?

This time last year, Coronavirus had already begun to affect the way people in China had to behave – and it was starting to show signs that it was going to be a global problem that stretched beyond Asia.

In spite of this, 2021 will be the first year that Chinese New Year looks very different for the many Asian families who celebrate.

Coca-Cola has launched its Chinese New Year campaign, ‘CNY Confessions’, based on some real-life stories exploring the meaning of Chinese New Year, in a world that changed with the pandemic.

The campaign, conceptualized by Mccann Worldgroup Shanghai, is a pastiche of three independent stories of three young citizens living in China.

STORY 1: Meiling is a young teenage girl who lives in a bustling home filled with family and visiting relatives and craves for privacy.

STORY 2:Xiaoming Wang is another young boy who is always being asked to run around to run errands and get stuff for the family – he is not happy since he prefers to play video games.

STORY 3: Little Piggy is a young boy who lives in the city and dreads the bumpy bus ride that he must take to meet his grandmother who lives in a distant village. He is all she has and she yearns for his visits.

In conclusion, storytelling is still high on the agenda for many brands. And in lieu of the tried and tested themes, the campaigns have turned out more creative than ever, and the result is something different than sthe more traditional advertising tropes.


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