PM: National Family Day in November

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said November will be known as “Keluarga Malaysia” month starting from 2021 onwards.

He said the rebranding is to tie in with the “Keluarga Malaysia” concept which he came up with after his appointment as prime minister in August 2021.

“The main focus of Keluarga Malaysia is to unite all Malaysians as one big family to face the Covid-19 and economic challenges,” he added.

The event, celebrated in November, would be a platform to strengthen family ties and embrace the spirit of inclusion amongst Keluarga Malaysia.

Sabri spoke at the launch of Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family) month at Perdana Botanical Gardens in Kuala Lumpur on November 7, 2021:

“Each ministry will have at least one program to help ease the public burden. We hope the private sector, NGOs and the community will participate in this initiative,

“Under Yayasan Keluarga Malaysia, which has been allocated RM25 million, children who have lost their parents to Covid-19 will be given financial as well as prolonged emotional support,

“With that, I would like to declare that from this year onwards National Family Month will be known as Bulan Keluarga Malaysia.” he said.

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