Congratulations to Joe Kam, the Senior Marketing Manager of Second Beauty Secret Sdn Bhd for receiving The BrandLaureate SMEs e-Branding Awards 2020 in the category of Consumer – Supplement/Health Food.

Founded in June 2010, Second Beauty Secret (SBS), based in Kuala Lumpur, started with a dream to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle, and build a lifelong career.

Today, they have achieved their goals with outstanding success, as thousands of people have benefitted from their products and reward programs which empowers them to take charge of their lives.

During the interview, Kam said: “At SBS, our vision is to help empower people with a second chance to regain their beauty, health, and confidence.

And to achieve that, our mission is to increase our global research and development to come out with even better products and solutions to help people boost their health and vitality.’’


“We believe that everyone can regain their health, beauty, and confidence if given a second chance,” said Kam, adding that cells are the basic units of life, and true wellness radiates from within.

“At SBS, our brand is built on the core concept of Cell Cosmetology which gives our body a total `facelift’ which results in rejuvenation and vitality.”

Kam added although their headquarters is based in Kuala Lumpur, their real marketplace is the world out there because their products are available to everyone who wants to make the best out of their lives.”

Kam said research and development play an important role in their business, as “we want to create healthy products using natural ingredients to improve and boost the overall well-being, without putting a strain on their body.”

Over the years, SBS’s line of wellness products has received good feedback and response from the public, and some of these best-sellers continue to be in high demand.

This encouraging response has spurred SBS to keep moving forward and develop even better products to benefit the public.