Setting foot in London at the age of 8, Mo Farah’s dream was to become a football player and play with Arsenal team. He grew up in West London and began running at school when he was spotted by his PE teacher, Alan Watkinson who saw the potential in the young lad.

Alan convinced Mo to focus on running and he became a successful junior athlete winning the European Junior title in 5000m in 2001.

His breakthrough on the senior stage came in 2006 when he won the 5,000m European T&F Championship.

Ever since then Mo has been running for Great Britain, breaking records and winning medals at all track and field events, culminating in the London Olympics in 2012 where he created history by winning the 10,000m gold and the country’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in the 10,000m.

At the Games, he achieved the track double by winning the 5,000 m and joined an exclusive club of 5 people in the history of Olympics to win the 5,000m and 10,000m double.

At the 2014 European Athletics Championship, he scored another championship double when he won gold medals in the 5,000m and 10,000m races and repeated the hattrick in the 2015 Beijing World Championship.

His acclaim to the title of greatest distance runner of all time took place at the 2016 Rio Olympics when once again won the gold medal for 5,000 m and 10,000m race.

Mo was awarded The BrandLaureate International Brand Personality Award 2014 as the world’s greatest athlete of all time.

To arrive at the peak of his performance, Mo clocks up 100 miles a week in training, adopting high altitude training at the Great Rift Valley or in the Pyrenees and combining cutting edge technology at Nike Centre in Oregon with underwater treadmills and nitrogen cooling chambers.

On what inspires him to succeed, Mo says:
“What drives me is winning medals and going out there and enjoying it.”

In 2016, Mo was knighted in the Queen’s Honors List for his services to athletes.

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NIKE’s iconic swoosh logo and “Just Do It” slogan are universally known.

As of June 2019, Nike is valued at nearly $130 billion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world.

It’s popular shoe lines include the Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force 1, Nike VaporMax, Nike Cortez, and of course, Air Jordans.

Learn the origins of the Nike brand and how it took its stride in the 80s to beat Adidas.

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