Here are snippets of Jack Ma’s speech and parting words at Alibaba’s 20th Anniversary party on September 10, 2019. These nuggets of truth and wisdom are the words of a true leader, which provides a universal guideline on what it takes to build a successful brand and legacy for the future.

JACK MA said:
“Today is not about the retirement of Jack Ma but the beginning of a legacy of succession. It’s not about the choice of an individual but the success of a system,

“We do not think about nor want to become a strong company. We just hope in society in the world and in the hearts of people around us, and our users
that we are a good company,

“It is not easy to be a strong company, but it’s harder to be a good company. A strong company is defined by its performance, but a good company stands for accountability, responsibility, and kindness,

“The future of Alibaba is not about showing how we can make money for 102 years but to prove that we can take on 102 years’ worth of responsibilities,

“Every since 20 years ago to this moment, all of Alibaba’s most important decisions have nothing to do with money,

“Behind each of our decisions, the technology we invest, the products we create, we consider whether they can solve society’s problems, whether they are driven by our mission, vision, and values.”