DATO’ Jimmy Choo, a celebrity shoemaker whose name is instantly recognized worldwide, visited The Brand Gallery at Damansara Utama for the first time on Wednesday, Feb.13, 2019, in conjunction with The Chinese New Year celebrations.

Choo is well-known for his handmade women’s shoes and co-founding Jimmy Choo Ltd, a British high fashion house specializing in shoes, handbags, accessories, and fragrances.

During his visit to the gallery, Choo said: “DrKKJohan invited me here to see his Brand gallery, and I am proud to see so many famous personalities who have received the awards,

“The BrandLaureate’s story from beginning until now is all about hard work. I knew DrKKJohan since the early days,

“I feel very touched and inspired by all the hard work DrKKJohan has put in since The BrandLaureate started about 10 years ago. And I can see its progress from year to year,

“Today, many international personalities have received The BrandLaureate Awards. It is not only for Malaysians but for recipients from around the world.

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