As the No.1 Branding Awards in the industry, The BrandLaureate Awards continues to recognize outstanding brands and leaders who have contributed significantly to the community and countries in their areas of specializations.

A total of 25 companies and individuals received The BrandLaureate BestBrands e-Branding Awards 2020 on Nov 30, 2020. The 3rd chapter of the virtual awards ceremony was broadcasted “live” on The BrandLaureate Facebook page at


During his speech, World President of The BrandLaureate DrKKJohan said: “You are the brand champions and deservingly so, as you have done well in your respective industries, and you have become role models to many. Enjoy your brand defining moment tonight, as the whole world watches and celebrates with you.”

DrKKJohan added the award is a testament of their brand success, “To Be Seen, To Be Heard, To Be Known, and To Be Remembered – which is the theme of the BrandLaureate e-Branding Awards 2020, the World’s first e-Branding awards.

He said: “We would like to applaud the rising brands that are young, vibrant, and dynamic; who have built their brands from scratch to where they are today. We acknowledge and applaud you for your brand success… but don’t stop there.”

“Indeed, this is one of the most difficult time in history. Despite the hardship and challenges, we have to stay positive because the future is not built on regrets. Do not give up and refuse to be the norm. Put your heart and soul into Branding and you will be rewarded in due time,” said DrKKJohan, adding that the e-Branding awards are designed for resilient Brands that have withstood the test of time.


The BrandLaureate recognizes the front liners for helping Malaysians to fight the COVID-19 virus and flatten the curve, especially the dedicated medical staff and doctors from Sungei Buloh hospital.

For their heroic efforts and contributions, Hospital Sungai Buloh received The BrandLaureate Most Outstanding BestBrands e-Branding Award 2020 in the category of Healthcare — Centre of Excellence for Covid-19 Pandemic.

Behind every great brand is an exceptional leader, therefore Sungai Buloh Hospital Administrator Director Dr. Kuldip Kaur was well deserving of the Brand Leadership award for her radical transformation of the hospital facilities and manpower to cater to the needs of COVID-19 patients, following the exacting healthcare standards and services.

Also notable was the BrandLaureate World Halal e-Branding BestBrands Award 2020 to Chairman of Bank Rakyat Datuk Haji Abdul Rani Lebai Jaafar for Ar-Rahnu X’Change — a franchise which offers Islamic pawnbroking services under Bank Rakyat, besides many others.

Viewers were also entertained by several breath-taking “live” performances which can be reviewed on the BrandLaureate FB page at

Last but not least, a big round of applause to all the winners. Your friends, colleagues, and family are certainly proud of your Brand success.

Never stop Branding no matter what, no matter how no matter when.

“In Brands we trust… I wish you all success in building your Brand,” said DrKKJohan.