The BrandLaureate would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to YBhg Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊 for her historic achievement of becoming the first Asian to win an Oscars. Her talent and dedication have been recognized and celebrated by the film industry, and has made history.

Winning best actress in the 95th Academy Awards, Michelle Yeoh’s accomplishment embodies principles of sustainability through enduring and thriving over time. She has shown tenacity by overcoming challenges and barriers that many Asian actors and actresses face in Hollywood, trail blazing a hopeful path for future generations to follow. Not only that, by constantly pushing boundaries, exploring new roles and breaking new ground, she is known for her amazing ingenuity in the process. All of these qualities are essential to building and solidifying a sustainable brand.

Continue to inspire and lead others Michelle Yeoh.

“Sustainability because of Stability

Sustainablility because of Tenacity

Sustainablility because of Ingenuity

Sustainablility Solidifies The Brand” —Drkkjohan

Once again, Congratulations Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊 on her incredible achievement. She has made history, and is an inspiration to us all.