Ms.Norrizah Hazirah binti Maulana, CEO and Director with Mohd Helmi Izani bin Shamsuddin, Director of The Sumo Group Sdn Bhd was interviewed after receiving The BrandLaureate SMEs e-Branding Awards 2020 — in the category of Lifestyle -Wellness – Portable Sauna Set

I was originally a housewife. Started the business in 2013. But along the way, I went through a lot. The ups and downs in business have matured and enlightened me a lot.

In 2017, I once experienced a downward moment in my life where there was not a penny in my wallet. Go to the kitchen just ade a small bowl of rice to continue survival. Had to dig coins in every corner of the house to buy 1kg of rice for the next day.

At that time I said to myself. “When God takes me out of the hardships of life, I will make sure I get up and keep getting up to help more housewives out there”

To this day, I canโ€™t afford to hear if any housewives struggle in life. With the sumosauna, I will remain committed and help them to get out of their struggle zone. That’s my promise.

Hazirah Maulana, I am not an ordinary housewife

CEO of The Sumo Group Sdn Bhd

Co founder of Sumosauna

“Satisfied I think what can make us healthy and fit at the same time”

A deep interest towards being healthy and fit prompted me to give birth to Sumosauna. I started trading during my diploma by just being a dropship and health product agent.

The results of my people’s experience and knowledge while selling products are collected little by little and used as a preparation to produce their own products. My product once exploded. My sale is a lot. I don’t have a problem with money. If you want to travel, where do you want to go? Eat out every day, choose expensive stores je.

But the sky is not always clear. At the beginning of 2018, until one day I wanted to get 3 orders, it was difficult. Sadly, that time lasted until the moon.

It hurts more when we fall with no savings. When the money runs out, it runs out. Just expect kindness from parents and siblings. Until I want to expect people’s sympathy. Every day I pray asking for clear business guidance of what I should do, I should sell. Please, God, I’m so stunned. Stuck. I’m having a hard time.

Not long ago, I always saw sauna ads hovering near Facebook and Instagram. It’s impossible for me to sell a sauna. It’s already expensive. Confirm no one wants to buy. The more I want to stay away, the more often I see. At that time, I was pregnant with my second child. People say this sauna is good if we use the time of abstinence so I bought one.

To make a long story short, this sauna is very compatible with me who likes things to be healthy and fit. I feel guilty for not sharing the benefits of sauna with people close to the outside. Many people struggle to try this but it doesn’t work. From that moment on, I decided to sell the sauna, so Sumosauna came into being.

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