COLOUR Psychology is the connection between colour and human emotion. The theory is, colours, whether they’re primary, secondary or tertiary, can evoke weird and wonderful psychological responses to humankind.

Kellogg’s, Fanta, McDonalds, Spotify, Dell and Cadburys – well-known brands that all utilise different elements of the colour wheel.

Responses to colours can vary from person to person with some more evolutionary, some personal and others cultural.

That said, in general, colours tend to trigger the same sort of emotions in all of us. For example, red represents love, passion and anger, whereas green tends to make people feel calm and at one with nature.

It’s this knowledge that designers apply when generating colour schemes for organisations in consideration of how the business wants people to feel about their brand.

Here is a list of colours that may represent the color of your brand. How do they make you feel?

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