GOOD quality tires are important in any vehicle to ensure the safety of the driver and its passengers. Imagine driving on a wet road and the car skidding as the tires are not able to have a good grip on the slippery surface.

Tire brands continue to invest in research and development and innovation to stay abreast of the perils of driving, especially on open roads when the dangers are unknown.

Providing customers with peace of mind and ensuring their safety is uppermost on top tire brands such as Toyo tire.

Leading Japanese brand, Toyo Tires has its origin in Japan. It then ventured into the USA market in 2005 where it established its leadership in large diameter tires for large vehicles such as SUVs.

Since then Toyo Tires has become the choice brand of tires for full-scale SUVs which forms an integral part of car culture in the USA. It ramped up its manufacturing facility in the USA and today the North American business has become the main source of revenue for the Group.

Toyo Tires R&D is aimed at the future, hence it is constantly innovating to deliver the latest technology. Fundamental to the quality of its tires is its technology proprietary, the Nano Balance Technology which has 5 levels, covering the whole spectrum of tire production.

Level 1 — consists of a selection of rubber compounds which form the raw material of tires to ensuring that its molecular structures and compound properties have an intricate relationship to create the maximum performance of the tire.

Level 2 — (which is Nano–level Analysis/Prediction) — looks into the compounding ratio of filler and polymer at the nanoscopic level to obtain the required performance; while,

Level 3 – Nano-level Material Design creates new materials based on level 2’s analysis.

Level 4 — (known as Nano-level Production Control) – uses technology to maximize performance. It ensures that the silica compounds are precisely mixed with the right temperature so that the coupling agent’s reaction to silica can be precisely controlled. Because of this, it has become possible to efficiently combine polymer and silica.

Level 5 – Nano Research Observation. R&D continues at this point where 3D technology is developed to observe more precisely the network structure within the tire compound.

Toyo Tires built SPring-8, which is one of the world’s largest synchrotron radiation facilities to X-ray and acquire information of filler structure under the dynamic condition and evaluate the reinforcement of rubber to avoid abrasion and provide higher durability.

This technology is the first of its kind in the industry.

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