Radicare is Malaysia’s premier outstanding IFM – Integrated Facilities Management Company.

Its VISION: To be the Preferred Facilities Management Company in the healthcare sector through quality delivery of services and environmental sustainability.

It provides non-clinical support services–competently, maintaining multiple facilities at government hospitals.

Radicare’s legendary Core Values: Integrity, Customer-Oriented, Loyalty & Innovation are practiced daily.

Leveraging on its vast consortium expertise in facility biomedical & engineering maintenance, Radicare is poised to offer integrated non-clinical services excellence.

Upholding sanitation & hygiene is of utmost priority at hospitals.

Its broad pool of talents and high standards enables optimal solutions delivery.

This allows healthcare personnel to fully focus on fostering excellent critical patient care at medical facilities.

Staunch in environmental preservation, Radicare prefers green technology and products.

Radicare is lauded for its world class facilities-management at hospitals and medical institutions throughout the nation.

In the recent The BrandLaureate BestBrands e-Branding Awards 2020-Radicare represented by En Hidaya Bin Yahaya, CEO was awarded The BestBrands in Integrated Facility Management.

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