SABELLA, Malaysia’s leading ironless clothing brand started from humble beginnings.

It began in a small room in an apartment, home of Founder Siti Fatimah Abdul Samat and her husband Chief Executive Officer Mohd SufianSulaiman.

Using a single machine, Siti Fatimah started sewing clothes at home to increase her family income.

Their signature ironless bajukurung, LorezKurung has set the tone and trend in the market.

Going from housewife to entrepreneur, she made her dreams of helping other housewives a reality through SABELLA.

Through ups and downs, hardwork, perseverance and sheer determination, SABELLA has a loyal and expanding fan base, known as SABELLA FAMILY.

The duodefines SABELLA as a brand that brings love and unity.

Numerous giant billboards are peppered strategically at major highways to promote their brand.

Moving into a brand new factory was the founder’s greatest achievement to-date

Founder Siti Fatimah Abdul Samat and Chief Executive Officer Mohd SufianSulaiman representing SABELLA, was the recipient of The BrandLaureate EmergingSMEs BestBrands e-Branding Awards 2020 in Ironless Women’s Modest Wear.

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